Horseback Riding

The relaxed, cozy atmosphere of our equestrian club will appeal to all lovers of horseback riding.  We employ professional instructors with extensive experience, so there is no doubt about the safety of events

Horseback Riding Lessons

Children up to 8 years with experience – 6000 CZK/10 lessons, group lesson (up to 4 children) if the children already have experience. The instructor gauges individual experience.

Children up to 8 years with no prior experience – long leash (tethered to the instructor) until the child manages to control the horse individually 700 / 30 min

Children with neurodiversity up to 8 years – instructor + for an additional guide 800czk/ 30 min

Children with disability or a handicap up to 8 years – instructor +an additional guide 800czk/ 30 min

Children 8-13 years with experience – group lessons 6500czk/ 10 lessons

Children 8-13 years with no prior experience -until the child gains enough experience 800czk/ 30 min

Children 8-13 years individual private lesson (riding license lessons, show jumping and dressage) – dressage – show jumping 900czk/ lesson

Adult with experience – group lesson 900czk/ lesson

Adult without experience -long leash 900czk/ 30 min

Adult individual – 1200czk/ lesson

Dressage and parkour for adults individually after consultation

Beginner Photo Tour(all year)

1 hour – 2000czkperson or 3000/ 2 people

You can choose from classical safe horseback tour if you had less than 50 rides – the guide is going next to you without a horse, for safety reasons and safety rules.

Lake Tour( from july-september)

2-2.5 hours

The second option – tour with entering a lake. Additional charges are for extra time needed with entering the lake on a horse.

Experienced Tour(march-november)

2 hours – 4000czk/ person

This tour is for adventurous people who want to see more, the possibility to see deers, wild pigs, many animals. Beautiful nature around. We can take also beginners to this tour for an extra fee ( CZK), as it’s necessary to take an additional guide with us.

Very Experienced Tour

3,5 hours – 5000czk/person

This tour is uphill and downhill to the forest to see the high tower 250 meters tall.

Horseback Cowboy Tour

4,5 hours – 6000czk (july – october)

This tour is really physically hard, as it’s uphill and downhill, you have to be in really good condition and you can see the secret statue of Artemis which is secretly covered by forests.

Introduction Ride

45 minutes –1200czk/person

For people who are scared, we will introduce you to a horse and make a short tour with photos.

One Day Castle Tour(only summer)

8-10  hours (depending on your skill) –/person (March – November)

6-8 hours at the saddle + 1-2 hours to visit the castle and lunch

2 Days Horseback Riding Tour(onlysummer)

2 days (one night tour) –

Sleepin included, no food

If you want to contact us faster use this airbnb link for booking your experience